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As multi-faceted and interactive media corporation my mission from the start has been to raise awareness of rising artists and stars within the jazz community. This also included providing educational music programs to youth and their families through our charity, the Edward B. Bass

Winning the Black Women in Jazz Award for “Best All-Jazz Radio Station – Internet” is solid proof that the industry agrees and supports our cause. Upon learning of my award, I was excited that it further solidified that we had found our niche.

“There’s nothing like the joy and ecstasy of winning an awards for doing what I love! CoffeeTalk Jazz’s online radio serves as the premiere alternate platform for promoting indie artists in jazz...we’ve been so well received!

I was surprised to be nominated. Music inspires me it bring me great joy. To be named among so many amazing artists, especially influential women of color in media and the arts, it is a real honor.”

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