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Book Author's

Step in the shoes of your favorite authors or illustrators through CoffeeTalk Radio’s newest segment titled, “The Reading Room .” Get an exclusive look into best-selling authors’ lives and their inspiring stories behind your favorite books.

Authors previously featured include: Dr. Steve Pemberton, “A Chance in the World,” and Patrice C. Washington with her book, “Real Money Answers,” to name a few.

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* Experience: We've promoted both Amazon and New York Times bestselling and first time, self-published author's.

* Reputation: The CoffeeTalk name and reputation opens doors..

* Media Contacts: Local, regional, national and international options.

* Results: Effective promotion of both traditional and self-published titles.

Looking for some unbeatable PR for your book? CoffeeTalk is the place for you. Submit your e-book send to Visit the  contact page for our address. Send a physical copy of your book for review and a possible on-air interview. Fill-out the form below to connect with us.

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