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Hire and Book Ms.Bridgette for your Next event!

Ms. Bridgette Lewis knows a lot about being a chameleon starting from the ground floor. Holding a variety of key corporate positions in several fortune 500 companies she leaned in, learning the ins and outs of good business practices quickly. She continuously earned promotions, amassing various skills sets that would serve her well later in her own business. A quick study, she's used her knowledge, personal tragedies and devastating career loss while dusting off her entrepreneur skills.

She used her God-given gift of gab to catapult her into the communications and media spotlight when starting her company, CoffeeTalk Media LLC. She seems to run her media company with ease. Within her ever-changing fast paced environment, she focuses on interviewing entrepreneurs, book-authors, artists, corporate executives, musicians, while also providing press and media coverage to many of the largest venues across Los Angeles and Orange County and the New York areas. 

She has transformed her own passion for writing and speaking and spun it into a new career. Talk about a paradigm shift? She has certainly done it.

Given Ms. Lewis' immense drive, determination, intelligence, approachability, and ever-present grace, She's available for hire to speak for your next Music festival, Leadership conference, breakout session, panelist, University or College campus, business organization or Women's Group event. Whether you’re re-imaging your organization or rethinking your strategy, Bridgette's highly motivating and captivating presentation style is one to watch as she shares invaluable life lessons on reinventing yourself, growing your business brand and helping others find their purpose while possibly launching their own new career.

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