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E. Hudson POP Corporation

Los Angeles based, E. Hudson POP Corporation has been serving the arts and entertainment industry for a decade. Founded by President, Ms. Bridgette Y. Lewis (a.k.a. The Coffee Lady), E. Hudson POP Corporation. Covering all facets of the music arts and cultural industries, E. Hudson POP is a go-to source for entertainment and media industry professionals.

The flagship sources of E. Hudson POP includes The CoffeeTalk JAZZ Network, CoffeeTalk JAZZ Radio, CoffeeTalk JAZZ Magazine and Ms. Lewis L.A. based 501(c)3 organization, The CoffeeTalk Gift of Music Educational Foundation. Each of these entities in of themselves stands alone as powerhouse leaders in the music community. Now together under one authoritative media umbrella, E. Hudson POP Corporation stands to bring a game changing experience for all those behind, in front of and coming into the spotlight. CoffeeTalk's Gift of Music Foundation serves underprivileged students in schools in and around L.A. County to bring them instruments and much needed funding for their musical education programs.

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