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CoffeeTalk Gift of Music Foundation 

Believing in the immense power of community and collaborative action, CoffeeTalk is registered as a charitable trust and 501c3 foundation. Committed to educating children and empowering future musicians. We use music and arts education to inspire and create a venue for social changes in elementary schools at the middle school level.

The CoffeeTalk Gift of Music Foundation has ambitious financial goals. Your financial investments are critical not only for the youth, but also for the future of arts education. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Why are we asking for contributions? By investing you are supporting the development and growth of the next generation of potential music greats. 

Through education our Foundation facilitates and takes an active role in the preservation and evolution of the music landscape.

Join us in the front row to watch music’s future take center stage. Invest your resources into the next generation by helping to keep instruments in the hands of our children. Our fundraising goals this year will go a long way to assist in supporting the 2017- 2018 school year. We encourage you to donate and contribute.

You have questions? We have answers.

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