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CoffeeTalk JAZZ Radio music and album review for The Smooth Jazz Alley

CoffeeTalk JAZZ Radio music and album review for The Smooth Jazz Alley:“Been A Long Time Comin’”Review for CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio Track Listing:

1. C-Funk

2. Always and Forever

3. Been A Long Time Comin

4. Midnight Groove

5. Eternal

6. Why

7. Christina

8. Subway

9. Morning

10. Stan's Groove

After over 3 decades of combined musical experience, Stan Evans and Marco Montoya, also known as The Smooth Jazz Alley have nailed their collaborative melodic voices. Their expansive talents have translated into quite the groove in their first full-length album, “Been A Long Time Comin’”. The album opens up with the tune, C-Funk. Laying the foundation for the energy and tracks on this album, C-Funk starts out with an upbeat rhythm that seamlessly moves into the body of the tune. Stan’s electro-acoustic style adds a second dimension all the while offering a solid groove for listeners. Marco’s versatility and style throughout the tune is sophisticated and unwavering. The album continues with the tunes, Always and Forever and the title track, Been A Long Time Comin’.

Featuring a very relaxed style and solo, both are a smooth transition from the more buoyant first track.Other tracks of note on the album include Christina and Stan’s Groove. Sentimentally rounded, Christina is emotionally fitting to render thoughts of the love we carry for our children. Aptly named after Marco’s daughter, Christina is a love song that only a father could write. Stan’s Groove, according to Stan himself, provided the impetus for the album’s conception. A decade after it was first recorded, the album as a whole finally came together. Rendered from Stan’s early musical influences, the dynamite yet memorable backbeat sets the pace. A fun ride for the ears from start to finish, this tune is the best track of the album.

Throughout the album, Marco’s accompaniment seems to tether off of Stan’s forefront stance. In tune-after-tune, Marco found a way to enhance and fortify Stan’s solo work. This makes for true a balanced musical chemistry that is truly pleasing to the ears. Highly recommended, Been A Long Time Comin,’ is one album that listeners of all levels will enjoy for years to come.

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