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Marilyn Róndon's "Why Does Mommy Have Tattoos" Book Launch

On behalf of artist Marilyn Róndon and Lit Riot Press, we invite you to the launch of Rondón's imaginative children's book Why Does Mommy Have Tattoos?

Why Does Mommy Have Tattoos? is an enthusiastic and unforgettable book for both conversation and learning, engaging children with themes of self-acceptance, wrapped in fun dialogue with richly colored illustrations by Rondoìn.

Why Does Mommy Have Tattoos? has recently been featured in Inked, Galore, Mass Appeal, Konbini, xoJane, and more. Signed copies of the book will be available for purchase at the launch.

May 27th, 8-11PM
The Jane Hotel Rooftop, 113 Jane Street

Music By Jude Liana

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